LEOPARD PRINT: This seasons hottest trend

Actually this goes for ALL animal print. Everything is in. Including cowboy boots. Obviously I know they aren’t really an animal or a print but I feel safe grouping it in there. All of the mainstream fashion bloggers are rocking them. I personally am not hopping on the cowboy boot train anytime soon, but I do appreciate the flair they add to a sophisticated outfit. ANYWAY. Today I am talking leopard print specifically because it is my personal favorite and the only animal print that inspires me. It’s just so fierce and adds edge to any outfit. I have thrown together some of my favorite looks that have a pop of leopard print.  There’s a way to be graceful about it and not look like Janice Litman-Goralnik (any Friends fans out there?) I love wearing leopard as a statement piece with neutrals. Leave any questions about outfit details in the comments. I am always willing to link what is still available, or find similar options!

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